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DIMMbizz is a professional IT company which offers companies throughout Europe a wide selection of IT related services and products.

Our customers choose DIMMbizz based on its result driven approach, proven track record, professionalism, high quality, creativity and ability to innovate. As a service supplier, DIMMbizz can be characterised as highly flexible, out of the box and dynamic, together with a ‘hands-on’ approach. All of this combined with a progressive attitude which gives our clients interest the highest level of priority. By being innovative and unconventional we create competitive advantages for our clients.DIMMbizz excels by really listening to the wishes and needs of our customers and translating it to a practical solution.

The broad range of  ICT services and IT solutions offered by DIMMbizz, are used by a wide variety of organisations. Among our clients are:

Provincie Zeeland
Roompot Holiday Parcs
Landal Greenparks
Van der Valk Aruba
Molecaten Group
Golf Cochem
Municipality Terneuzen
Municipality Reimerswaal
Municipality Goes
Apollo Hotels & Resorts
Fitland Group

and many more
Some of our customers:
Some of our partners: