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World's best software for spa's, sauna's, hotels and resorts!
Discover all the advantages xPlan can offer you.

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Most comprehensive and innovative

With xPlan you can book a treatment or package very easily and without specific knowledge. The reservation will automatically be planned. Even Online reservations are possible!

Besides that xPlan offers a complete sub administration, supports you with product sales, Gift Card administration, Work schedules, Marketing, Membership Management, Reporting and much more! 

Integrates within your organisation

xPlan can be fully integrated within your company! For example by Interfacing it to your F & B Point of Sale or your Property Management System (PMS).

Besides that DIMMbizz offers you a comprehensive RFIDsollution . Your guests can use their Wellness key (ex. wrist band or card) to open their Locker, pay for drinks, gain access to the property or open their hotel room!
Advantages of xPlan

By using xPlan you will experience a number of advantages:

√ Large decrease of costs
√ Efficient organisation
√ Optimizes your turnover
√ Increases guest satisfaction
√ Improved marketing capabilities
√ .............................................