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Benefit of the high attention value of our innovative  Narrowcasting application!
Market your products or services or inform your visitors, staff or guests! Experience the ease of use and the results of optimum communication! 
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Experience it!

Our Narrowcasting solution is named Z-Cast. It is an extremely user friendly application that is fully'webbased'. Therefore you can gain access to your application everywhere you want and easily administer multiple locations and casts.

An important advantage of Z-Cast is the low investment that is necessary to experience the benefits of Narrowcasting in general and of  Z-Cast in particular. 
The advantages!

With Z-Cast you will experience the following advantages:

√ Your message comes across
√ Easy to update
√ Better targeted communication
√ Professional looks
√ Manage multiple locations
√ Better informed target group
√ Higher turnover vs Lower costs
√ ..........................................

What is Narrowcasting?

Narrowcasting is approaching one or more specific target groups at a specific location and ond specific moments by means of audivisual displays. By showing content that has been Taylor made for the recipient one can inform a person much better and expect a higher conversion. The term is opposite of broadcasting.