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Digital Management System for an efficienty and well managed organisation. 
Efficient management

ZerbreZ is a web application which best can be described as being a  'Digital Management System'. It is extremely comprehensive and fully integrated, which brings its users a large number of advantages.

Sharing information is an important feature of ZerbreZ. You make think of sharing documents, agenda's etc. The CRM module enables you to store all details regarding the contacts with customers, which you can share with your colleagues. Management can use ZerbreZ to manage their staff. 
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ZerbreZ advantages

ZerbreZ has the following advantages to offer:

√ Increase of productivity
√ More efficient organisation
√ Always and everywhere access
√ Improved  services
√ Boosts your turnover
√ Direct management and control
√ Sharing of information
√ Keeps knowledge within organisation
√ Scalable application
√ ..............................
ZerbreZ is used by: