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The ultimate CMS for both realisation as well as management of your website!
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Ultimate flexibility

The Content Management System (CMS) ZpiderZ is truly unique! No other system offers you the comprehensive possibilities with regard of managing your website.

Without any technical knowledge you will be able to create a website. ZpiderZ is the wolds first and only fully graphical CMS and translates your design in a fully functional and top class website. 
For Designers

Unique is the fact that ZpiderZ is extremely suitable for designers and advertising agencies. Using the ZpiderZ framework you can create your website within minutes. Making changes to the design of your website are made very easily. Many designers use ZpiderZ in their day to day business. It is easy, fun and very cost effective!
For companies

ZpiderZ is very suitable for every type of organisation that wishes to manage its website. The ease of use and many capabilities will astonish you. Since ZpiderZ is such a flexible system, one has many capabilities to make changes to the site. The design of your website can be created by  DIMMbizz, the developers of ZpiderZ, or one of the ZpiderZ certified Design agencies. You will always get a taylor made website which helps you to stand out of the crowd!